Behavioral health challenges issues directly affect more than one quarter of the US population, and indirectly affect their families and friends. But getting access to top-quality psychiatrists can be very difficult, in part because of the shortage of psychiatrists of accepting insurance.* Whether your facing mild, moderate, or severe mental illness, AXIS Healthcare solve this problem in four ways:  


*The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that 55% of the nation’s counties have no practicing psychiatrists. Between 2005 and 2010, while US population grew by 4.7% the number of psychiatrists dropped. And nearly 57% of psychiatrists are at least 55 years old, which means the shortage of psychiatrists will increase over the next decade as older psychiatrists retire and new psychiatrist don’t fill the gap. According to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation report, the number of psychiatrists in Maryland and the District Columbia is approximately 40% lower than it should be to meet the existing need. Only half of psychiatrists accept private insurance, compared to 90% of other physicians, which make the shortage even worse.


**This service is available only as fee-for-service (meaning no insurance billing will be done by us– though a bill can be provided to you for submission to your insurance carrier for any possible reimbursement), and is offered on a monthly subscription basis.