Hospital Partnerships

We help community hospitals and hospital systems improve and expand existing psychiatry programs, and plan and implement new ones – to deliver top quality psychiatry care and treatment in voluntary and involuntary inpatient, intensive outpatient, addictions, dual diagnosis, and partial hospitalization programs, and in the emergency room.   Our professional services cover three key areas:

Psychiatry Unit Management: Providing turn-key solutions for full staffing and management of psychiatry units, including medical direction and staff oversight that improves the quality of patient care & treatment and dramatically increases hospital revenue, making psychiatry a hospital profit center.

Psychiatry Program Development & Implementation: Designing, developing, and implementing psychiatry programs for a range of clinical populations in a variety of settings based on community needs

Consulting Services & Support: Structuring staffing models, recruiting, and training, and providing ongoing consulting support for hospitals favoring an employment model over our turn-key solution.

We are willing to share financial risk with our hospital partners based on clinical, financial, and other performance metrics. We stand behind our ability to improve the patient experience of care, improve the health of behavioral health populations, and reduce the per capita cost of care. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of our partners, whether their model is an employment model or an outsourcing model. To learn more about our services, contact us.

Current partners include MedStar Health, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and Trinity Health.