Patient Care

We offer a wide variety of services, including:

Many of our programs may be covered by insurance.

Institutional Services: Systems of Care

We have extensive experience running inpatient and outpatient systems of care. Current institutional arrangements include Suburban Hospital and Howard County General Hospital. We provide:

  • organized processes and team approach;
  • fast stabilization; and,
  • collaboration with medical and mental health professionals.

Find out more about our services for mental health institutions.

Aging Related Services

We provide comprehensive and cost-effective mental health services for long-term care facilities:

  • proactive detection of mental health problems, preventing the need for crisis management
  • non-pharmacological and necessary pharmacological treatments
  • psychological testing and psychotherapy services for patients
  • psychoeducational and psychotherapy services for family members

Find out more about our aging-related services.

Featured at AXIS

Consultative services

AXIS provides consultative and project management services to mental health organizations, offering advice and evaluation of programs, research initiatives, and opportunities. Current affiliations include work with the Herman Foundation, the Stanley Institute, and the Psyberguide project.


Many of the professionals at AXIS are involved in research. We are part of research initiatives at NIMH and other research institutes.


We are pleased to now offer access to TMS, which is a convenient, non-invasive treatment for resistant depression.

Training of professionals

We offer training for the upcoming generation of mental health professionals and medical students, and continuing education for professionals.  We also offer training for caregivers.